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 My  light system offers brilliant Light Emitting Diode (LED) green technology,  using substantially less power and offering greater reliability than the obsolete system currently used.  

The light consists of approximately 750 brilliant 5 MM narrow beam LED’s lights (environmental friendly) operating at 12 volts DC power, thus not requiring a separate power supply.  The 12-inch bulb is encased in a non-fogging high impact plastic case, resistant to heat, humid conditions and vibration.  The red LED's will not de-laminate nor fade for any reason.  The brilliant LED bulb is enclosed in a sturdy, custom made, environmentally sealed, cast aluminum housing (made of 70% recycled material) with stainless steel latches and hinge pins to provide years and years of satisfactory service.  The LED bulb's service life is rated for 100,000 hours of continuous  use.  The lack of a power supply greatly reduces component failure and offers the highest reliability while operating at less than 1/3 of the amperage needed  to operate the obsolete existing light.  The”Green Technology”  LED light blinks at a rate of 55 times per minute, which is built within the bulb circuitry and does not require a separate component.


The LED light mounts to existing components without the need for system  modification or adapters.  The wiring contains two leads with a provided electrical connector that will plug and play into the existing wiring system without need for any modification.  The electrical system of the new light is designed and engineered to withstand system failure should the wiring systems be accidentally cross-connected at the battery terminal.  My experience has found that the obsolete existing system will experience failures if even momentarily connected  incorrectly.

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